Dolmar PS-421


Product Information

Compact Class Design
Designed with the same rugged performance features of pro models

2.9HP/42cc Dolmar 2-Cycle Engine
Catalytic converter to clean exhaust gases

Magnesium Diecasting Housing On Engine Block
Enables strong torque production and high RPM production

Easy Start
Ensures quick, easy starts and significantly reduces resistance

Touch & Stop Lever Control
Enables operator to lightly touch ignitions switch to stop motor

Externally Mounted Sprocket
Makes fitting the chain simple and uncomplicated

Lateral Chain Tensioning
Side mounted tensioner provides easy operator access

Tooless Air Filter Maintenance
No horizontal surfaces in airbox prevents build up of debris
Air tight collar prevents penetration of dirty intake air

Adjustable Metal Oil Pump
Disabled at engine idling
Ensures proper lubrication on bar and chain